Thursday, March 12, 2009


Whoo hoo! Finally finished the top of my baby size Double Delight by
Bonnie Hunter. Not all my points are perfect and it wasn't easy to
sew all those small pieces, but it was definitely worth it! The little
nine patches and square in a square blocks finish at 3 inches. I really
think it's one of the most beautiful quilt tops I've made so far. And I
never would have thought of putting these colors together. Blue,
pink, cheddar, brown and cream. I used scraps for the blue, pink
and cream and yardage for the cheddar and brown. One color I've
never liked is brown but I found this one and fell in love with it. It
has subtle little flowers on it. I really loved the cheddar that I chose,
too. That's not one of my favorite colors either. It took me a long
time to find fabric that I really liked for this project but I'm very
happy with the result. Here are a couple of pics so you can see for
yourself. Thanks for looking.

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