Monday, March 5, 2012

Design Wall Monday-March 5,2012

I've been busy this week. During my time off work, I've been trying to organize my quilt corner. This means pressing and folding most of my fabric. The larger pieces, such as a half yard and up, I'm putting on little homemade bolts. Just like in the fabric shop. If I ever finish organizing, I'll post a pic.

I've also been doing some sewing. I have several projects going at the same time which lets me work on whatever I feel like at the moment. This week has been the new BOM from Project House 360. I just love this quilt! It reminds me of fall. I have all eight log cabin blocks done. And eight parts of the Mariner's Compass block finished.
I'm going to try to work on those this week. Here is what I've accomplished so far.

Today I picked out my fabric for Esther Alieu's new BOM, Forget Me Not. It's mostly applique, which I'm REALLY new at, so I probably won't be able to keep up. Her quilts are so beautiful. It will be applique flowers for spring, hence the name, Forget Me Not. Here is a photo of my fabric. The yellow is the block background, the white is the contrasting accent, the blue is the frame and the daisy print is for the borders and sashing.

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  1. Looks very nice.I love paper piecing and also have several projects.